animated movie Animals United © Ambient Entertainment GMBH / Constantin Film Produktion / White Horse Pictures
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Animals United

When the flood water that the animals of the Okavango Delta rely on to survive fails, Billy, a meekat thought of with distain by most of the animals, sets of with his best friend, the lion Socrates, to find water for his family in order to prove to his son that he’s not the loser everything thinks he is. Along the way the two meet up with various animals from around the world, all looking for somewhere else to live and discover that humans have built a massive dam.

Created by: Ambient Entertainment GMBH, Constantin Film Produktion, White Horse Pictures
Language: English dub / German
Country of Origin: Germany
Alternate Title: Konferenz der Tiere (Germany)
[ German ] Featuring the voices of:
Ralf Schmitz ... Billy
Thomas Fritsch ... Sokrates
Bianca Krahl ... Gisela
Bastian Pastewka ... Angie
Peter Groeger ... Winston
Margot Rothweiler ... Winifred
Christoph Maria Herbst ... Charles
Oliver Kalkofe ... Smith
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
James Corden ... Billy
Stephen Fry ... Socrates
Jim Broadbent ... Winston
Vanessa Redgrave ... Winifred
Dawn French ... Angie
Joanna Lumley ... Giselle
Andy Serkis ... Charles
Pete Zarustica ... Smiley
Oliver Green ... Ken
Jason Griffith ... Toto
Bella Hudson ... Sushi
Jason Donovan ... Toby
Billie Piper ... Bonnie
Mischa Goodman ... Junior
Sean Schemmel ... Biggie
Michael Glover ... Mr. Smith
Directed by: Holger Tappe and Reinhard Klooss
Produced by: Holger Tappe and Reinhard Klooss
Executive Producers: Martin Moszkowicz and Bernhard Thür
Musical Score by: David Newman
Writing Credits: Reinhard Klooss, Oliver Huzly, Klaus Richter and Sven Severin
Based on: The book Die Konferenz der Tiere (The Animals' Conference) by Erich Kästner.
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Region 2, PAL, 2D and 3D version, English dub only
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