animated movie An American Tail © Don Bluth / Amblin
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An American Tail

While emigrating to the United States, a young Russian mouse, Fievel, gets seperated from his family and now must find them in the vast, unfamiliar city of New York.

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An American Tail is the amazing film besides the secret of nimh and the land before time. when i was little and i first saw this film, i said,"that...
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I always had some problems with Don Bluth films. They rip off the Disney way of storytelling and inject a kind of darkness into it that they sometimes appear almost...
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I First Seen An American Tail On Cartoon Network When It Aired. It Was The Greatest. The Characters And it's Animation Were Beautiful. I Commented The Movie On IMDB About...
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Don Bluth is a mixed bag when it comes to animated movie-making. Secret of NIHM was great, Anastasia was good and Titan AE had some great looking animation and cool...
Created by: Don Bluth, Amblin
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Phillip Glasser ... Fievel Mousekewitz
Dom DeLuise ... Tiger
John Finnegan ... Warren T. Rat
Nehemiah Persoff ... Papa Mousekewitz
Erica Yohn ... Mama Mousekewitz
Amy Green ... Tanya Mousekewitz
Christopher Plummer ... Henri the Pigeon
Neil Ross ... Honest John
Pat Musick ... Tony Toponi
Madeline Kahn ... Gussie Mausheimer
Will Ryan ... Digit
Hal Smith ... Moe
Directed by: Don Bluth
Executive Producers: Steven Spielberg and David Kirschner
Musical Score by: James Horner and Barry Mann
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