animated movie American Pop © Columbia Pictures / Polyc International BV
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American Pop

One family. Four generations. Zalmie had talent but fame wasn't in the cards. Tony had the right stuff but life got in the way. Benny had a brush with success but had to let it slip away. So it was up to Pete to grab it, hold it and make himself heard. The story of a Russian Jewish family of musicians that parallels the history of American popular music in the 20th century.

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I agree with Inkwolf. This movie can be seen once, but that's about it. Let me make something clear, so that you understand me: I HATE all of Bakshi's rotoscoped...
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American Pop is a film worth seeing (once) for anyone interested in animation or music. In this film, you will hear some of the hottest tunes of the 20th...
Created by: Columbia Pictures, Polyc International BV
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Jeffrey Lippa ... Zalmie
Ron Thompson ... Tony
Richard Singer ... Benny
Eric Taslitz ... Little Pete
Gene Borkan ... Izzy
Beatrice Colen ... Prostitute
Frank DeKova ... Crisco
Ben Frommer ... Nicky Palumbo
Jerry Holland ... Louie
Roz Kelly ... Eva Tanguay
Amy Levitt ... Nancy
Richard Moll ... Poet
Lisa Jane Persky ... Bella
Elsa Raven ... Hannele
Vincent Schiavelli ... Theatre Owner
Marya Small ... Frankie
Leonard Stone ... Leo
Lynda Wiesmeier ... The Blonde
Directed by: Ralph Bakshi
Produced by: Ralph Bakshi and Martin Ransohoff
Musical Score by: Lee Holdridge
Writing Credits: Ronni Kern
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