animated movie Alpha and Omega © Lions Gate Films / Crest Animation Productions
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Alpha and Omega

Kate is an alpha--a driven female wolf at the top of her game and at the top of the pack. Humphrey is an omega--an impulsive bumbler who lives for the moment and knows, no matter how smitten he might be, Kate's not the sort of wolf who would ever howl with the likes of him. However when humans decide to relocate Kate and Humphrey to help increase the wolf population in Idaho, Kate wants nothing more than to get back home to Jasper, Canada. As the unlikely pair make the journey home, they discover that maybe they aren't so different after all...

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rated it:
This movie had potential, but failed. I wouldn't call it a truly bad movie, but it's just...There. Nothing about it that could really stick out, it's easily forgettable. The animation is...
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rated it:
Alpha and Omega was released at a time when wolves were becoming quite taboo in the elite world of DeviantArt, due in part to their overuse in comics and some...
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rated it:
I was expecting to absolutely hate this film. When I saw the trailer, my immediate first thought was "Oh boy, a wolf movie! I canít wait." Two seconds into the...
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rated it:
Itís not amazing but itís not terrible either. It had a ton of potential but didnít quite meet that potential. It was ok for a brainless cartoon. I did enjoy...
Created by: Lions Gate Films, Crest Animation Productions
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA / India
Featuring the voices of:
Justin Long ... Humphrey
Hayden Panettiere ... Kate
Dennis Hopper ... Tony
Christina Ricci ... Lilly
Danny Glover ... Winston
Christine Lakin ... Reba
Chris Carmack ... Garth
Vicki Lewis ... Eve
Bitsie Tulloch ... Sweets
Brian Donovan ... Salty
Mela Lee ... Candy
Eric Price ... Paddy
Directed by: Ben Gluck and Anthony Bell
Produced by: Richard Rich and Ken Katsumoto
Executive Producers: Noah Fogelson, A.K. Madhavan, Michael Paseornek and Seemha Ramanna
Musical Score by: Chris Bacon
Writing Credits: Steve Moore and Chris Denk
profile by: athena