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Allegro non troppo

A promotor comes up with the magnificent idea of pairing animation with classical music. As he's pitching this to his audience he receives a phone call telling him that some American animator called 'Pisney' or 'Grisney' has already done it. He dismisses the call, an animator is dragged out of a jail cell to draw the cartoons supposedly in real time, an orchestra (of old ladies) is introduced, and what follows is a rather more adult and 70's visit to the same territory of Disney's 'Fantasia', with animated sequences interspersed by live action segments featuring the animator, audience, etc.

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rated it:
Quite a strange but remarkable film that truly earns the right to be up at the top with "Fantasia". However it's only flaw is it's PG rating. It does contain...
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At its best, Bozzetto's 'Allegro non troppo' surpasses 'Fantasia'. If the whole film had been as good as its finest two or three segments it would be a masterpiece. It...
Created by: Home Vision Entertainment
Language: Italian
Country of Origin: Italy
Featuring live-action actors:
Maurizio Nichetti ... The Animator
Maurizio Micheli ... The Presenter
Néstor Garay ... The Orchestra Master
Marialuisa Giovannini ... The Cleaning Girl
Osvaldo Salvi ... Man in Gorilla Costume (!)
Directed by: Bruno Bozzetto
Produced by: Bruno Bozzetto
Musical Score by: Claude Debussy, Antonín Dvorák, Maurice Ravel, Jean Sibelius, Igor Stravinsky and Antonio Vivaldi
Writing Credits: Bruno Bozzetto, Guido Manuli and Maurizio Nichetti

The orchestra of old ladies were selected by the director and crew literally door-knocking in the area of filming at the last minute and recruiting any old ladies who would be in the film. None of them are actors. Apparently they had a great time.

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