animated cartoon Alice's Wonderland © Laugh-O-Gram Films
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Alice's Wonderland

A young girl, Alice, wants to know how animated films are made. She gets the tour of the Disney studios, with the animators horsing around as their creations take on a life of their own, on their drawing boards. That night, Alice dreams she has gone to cartoon land...

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Bear in mind that when this film was produced, Walt Disney was only just old enough to get a driver's licence. 'Alice's Wonderland' was the first in a series of 50...
Created by: Laugh-O-Gram Films
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring live-action actors:
Virginia Davis ... Alice
Walt Disney ... Himself
Hugh Harman ... Himself
Ub Iwerks ... Himself
Rudolf Ising ... Himself
Margaret Davis ... Alice's Mother
Directed by: Walt Disney
Produced by: Walt Disney
Musical Score by: Alexander Rannie
Writing Credits: Walt Disney
Animated by: Ub Iwerks, Rudolf Ising, Hugh Harman and Max Maxwell

animated cartoon Alice's Wonderland © Laugh-O-Gram FilmsMade months before Disney formed his own company, this was the first of the 'Alice' shorts, shot in Virginia Davis' mother's house. Although it was the first short, it was not the first released.

In some ways, the series was in response to Fleischer Studios, who had included animated characters in live settings. Disney used a live character against an animated background.

Virginia Davis, who played Alice, went on to make around 15 Alice films, until Disney's distributors imposed harsher financial restraints. Davis' mother refused the new payment arrangements and Alice passed to another actress, eventually clocking up around 50 shorts. Virginia later successfully audtioned for the voice of Snow White, but again her mother refused it because of the frugal payment.

Walt Disney was 21 years old when this film was produced. Virginia Davis at the time of writing (2006) is still alive.

The first live appearance of Disney in one of his own cartoons.

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