short film Ah, L'Amour © Bitter Films
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Ah, L'Amour

A short film about unrequited love. The male protagonist's advances meet with repeated rejection during a sequence of encounters with the opposite sex.

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a killer and funny short film that aslo has a good moral. I give 5 stars. the best short film ever! no doubt. wow. this is one of my very...
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(edit: downgraded to 3.5 stars 9/09. Not because I think it's not worth 4 stars, but because if it is, I'd have to give 'Rejected' 5 stars, and I can't) I...
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I thought this was really funny and truthful. I know the animation wasnt top quality stuff but Don Hertzfeldt was just a student then and we all must start somewhere. The music...
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This must be as good as it gets for a short of such poor quality of animation. The message of the story is so true and at the same time...
Created by: Bitter Films
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Directed by: Don Hertzfeldt
Produced by: Don Hertzfeldt
Musical Score by: Don Hertzfeldt
Writing Credits: Don Hertzfeldt
Animated by: Don Hertzfeldt

Academy Award nominee Don Hertzfeldt's first film, produced during his freshman year at film school. Still a favourite in animation festivals ten years later.

Allegedly available on 'Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation, Vol IV', but not I'm confident enough about that to put a link up.

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