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Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux--part lethal spy, part leather-clad dominatrix and entirely mysterious. In the futuristic conflict between Bregna and the Monican Republic, she is a Monican agent whose motives and allegiances are never pinned down as she deals out swift justice to any who stand in her way. One such antagonistic figure is Trevor Goodchild, pseudo-dictator of Bregna, with whom Aeon has a rather volatile lover/antagonist relationship with. In the end, the battles she wins and the battles she loses are sometimes hard to distinguish though as she frequently winds up dead at the end of the episode.

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I think this debuted on Liquid television. What I do know is having seen almost every episode and that in at least half of them the protagonist (the most anorexic...
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You'll have to bear with me, it's been a long time since I've watched this series, and I was rather young when I did. Unfortunately for me, this series was...
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Aeon Flux were videos I would sometimes put on in the store late at night when only Goths and freaks and other adults would come in, and I didn't have...
Created by: MTV
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Alternate Title: Ĉon Flux
Featuring the voices of:
Denise Poirier ... Aeon Flux
John Lee ... Trevor Goodchild
Grace Whitefeather ... Sybil
Paul Raci ... Onan
Julia DeMita ... Scaphandra, Judy
Andrea Carvajal ... Una
Steffan Chirazi ... Bambara
Directed by: Howard E. Baker and Peter Chung
Produced by: Catherine Winder
Executive Producers: Abby Terkuhle and Japhet Asher
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