animated series Adventures of the Little Koala © TOHO / KBS Productions / Kuk Dong
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Adventures of the Little Koala

Young koala Roobear (Kokki in Japan), sister Laura, and friends Floppy, Mini, Pamie, Nick, et al have fun and adventure in their idyllic village, whilst dealing with the troublesome kangaroo brothers Walter, Horsie and Colt as well as any other problem that they come across.

Created by: TOHO, KBS Productions, Kuk Dong
Language: English dub / Japanese / Korean
Country of Origin: Japan / South Korea
Alternate Titles: Koara bi kokk (Japan), Jak un Kakki ui Mohoum (South Korea)
[ Korean ] Featuring the voices of:
So Zang Yoon ... Kakki (Roobear)
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Toshiko Fujita ... Kokki
Mayumi Shou ... Mimi
Chisato Nakajima ... Lala
Yumiko Shibata ... Nikku
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Steven Bednarski ... Roobear
Morgan Hallet ... Laura
Timothy Webber ... Floppy
Barbara Pogenmiller ... Mimi
Bronwen Mantel ... Pamie, Miss Lewis
Ian Finlay ... Nick
Cleo Paskal ... Betty
Philip Pretten ... Kiwi
A.J. Henderson ... Walter
Walter Massey ... Papa
Jane Woods ... Mommy
Rob Roy ... Colt
Dean Hagopian ... Horsie
Arthur Grosser ... Duckbill
Directed by: Ki-nam Nam and Ernest Reid
Produced by: Ronald A. Weinberg
Executive Producers: Micheline Charest
Musical Score by: Pierre-Daniel Rheault
Writing Credits: Ernest Reid and Su-jeong Kang
profile by: starlac