animated movie A Troll in Central Park © Don Bluth
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A Troll in Central Park

Stanley the friendly troll has a wonderous green thumb and loves to make his flower garden grow. But the laws of Queen Gnorga say that all trolls must be mean, ugly and scare humans whenever possible. When Stanley grows one flower too many, the Queen sends him to live in exile in a world of concrete where he should live a life of proper trolldom--Manhattan. As luck would have it, Stanley's pod touches down in the middle of Central Park where he can at last grow his flowers in peace. Soon Stanely even makes some new friends, a young brother and sister, out for the day unknown to their parents. When the Queen hears that Stanley is quite happy with what was suppose to be a punishment, she heads off to Manhattan to make sure that Stanley, along with his new friends, ends up with the miserable existence that she promised him.

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rated it:
It's been years since I've seen this film. I was much younger and not as picky. I still felt like I needed to apply paint thinner to my eyeballs. I...
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rated it:
Given the fact that it takes so much time to produce an animated feature you would guess that the director/producer/animator/screenwriter would double-check what he or she is doing. A movie...
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rated it:
I saw this when I was very small while at a babysitter's house and I remembered it the other day...the brother's boat, the mean Queen, and Stanley's friendly character! ...
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rated it:
I watched this long ago. I don't actually remember much about it. I do, however, remember thinking that it was the dullest and dopiest animated film I had ever seen....
Created by: Don Bluth
Language: English
Country of Origin: Ireland
Featuring the voices of:
Dom DeLuise ... Stanley
Phillip Glasser ... Gus
Tawny Sunshine Glover ... Rosie
Cloris Leachman ... Queen Gnorga
Charles Nelson Reilly ... King Llort
Jonathan Pryce ... Alan
Hayley Mills ... Hilary
Directed by: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
Writing Credits: Stu Krieger
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