short film A Picnic with Weissmann © Studio A
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A Picnic with Weissmann

In an empty field, a variety of household objects seem to be enjoying a picnic. A table, some chairs, a wardrobe, a bed, etc, while an old 78 RPM wind-up gramophone plays music. Occaisionally another record will remove itself from its sleeve, and roll over to be played. On the table, a tarot reading takes place without a reader. A chess-game plays itself; the pieces knocking each other off with what seems increasing ferocity.

The Weissmann of the title appears to be an empty jacket and pants, with a coathanger for a head, which lies on a bed eating cherries.

Throughout the film, a small hand-shovel or possibly a coal-shovel, gradually digs a hole in front of the wardrobe.

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Even by Svankmajer's standards, this is a weird one. I've read JS interviewed, and he has insisted that he considers objects to be 'more alive' than people, and has gone...
Created by: Studio A
Language: no dialogue
Country of Origin: Austria
Alternate Title: Picknick mit Weissmann (Germany)
Directed by: Jan Svankmajer
Produced by: A. Hans Puluj
Writing Credits: Jan Svankmajer
Animated by: Jan Svankmajer

One of two films (the other was A Game with Stones) which Svankmajer made almost singlehandedly in Austria, when the head of Studio-A put their equipment at his disposal.

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