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A Goofy Movie

Trying to be cool in high school is hard enough as it is, but it's an impossible task when your father is Goofy. When Max must break a date with a girl he has a crush on he tells her the perposterous story that he's leaving town so he can be on the stage at the concert of pop-music icon, Powerline. He can't bear the idea of telling her the truth--that he's being dragged on a cross-country, road-trip by his embarrassing father. However, somewhere along this wacky journey, Max comes to realize that having Goofy for a father is cooler than he originally thought.

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rated it:
Excellent film. Characters were really nice and relatable, every choice felt believable. Animation was really good and smooth, movement looked very natural, and every exaggeration worked well and didn't look...
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rated it:
I defy anyone to dislike A Goofy Movie! Itís fun, moving, hip, colorful, hilarious, and musical, with plenty of classic scenes. Everything is to love about it, from Maxís sweet...
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rated it:
(To answer Lupercal's question, I hear that the official Disney response is 'Goofy is a Goof.") Desperate to do some father-son bonding, Goofy whisks his son off for a fishing trip,...
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Goofy is Roger Rabbit's favourite actor, so RR would have been delighted that after about 60 years Disney finally gave Goofy a feature film. At least I think he...
Created by: Disney
Language: English
Country of Origin: USA
Featuring the voices of:
Bill Farmer ... Goofy
Jason Marsden ... Max
Jim Cummings ... Pete
Kellie Martin ... Roxanne
Rob Paulsen ... PJ
Jenna von Oˇ ... Stacey
Joey Lawrence ... Chad
Pat Buttram ... Possum Park Emcee
Pauly Shore ... Bobby
Julie Brown ... Lisa
Wallace Shawn ... Principal Mazur
Tevin Campbell ... Powerline
Directed by: Kevin Lima
Produced by: Dan Rounds
Writing Credits: Jymn Magon
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