animated series 6Teen © Nelvana / Fresh Animation Limited
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Any teen will tell you that real life is what happens after school and that seems particularly true for these six teenagers who both work and hang out at the local mega-mall. There's Caitlin, who ran up her father's credit card and must pay it all back by working at the lemon stand--complete with the geeky lemon hat... Nikki the resident "realist" who squirms under the perkiness requirements of working at the local 'Khaki Barn'... Jen, driven for success--and also by her loud-mouth boss at the sports store... mellow, nice guy Wyatt who is frequently seen with a cup of coffee and an accoustic guitar... loveable but slightly dim Jude who is living it large with indoor skateboarding stunts that drive mall security crazy... and finally Jonesy who, for all his brash confidence, gets fired from a new job every episode...

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i have loved this show senc i was a little girl and i still love it the voice actors for all of the ppl in this is the same as...
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It's easy to dismiss this show with its other "too hip for you" cousins, especially while it's tossing out "teen speak". But its observation of mannerisms, emotions, and teen socializing...
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It's amazing how this show goes to teach us once again that appearances are not important. I saw this show by accident in Cartoon Network, waiting for Adult Swim to...
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When I first saw the ads for this show on Teletoon, (the Canadian cartoon network), I quickly dismissed it as another of those "meant to be hip straight out of...
Created by: Nelvana, Fresh Animation Limited
Language: English
Country of Origin: Canada
Featuring the voices of:
Brooke D'Orsay ... Caitlin Cooke
Stacey DePass ... Nikki Wong
Megan Fahlenbock ... Jen Masterson
Jesse Gibbons ... Wyatt Williams
Christian Potenza ... Jude Lizowski
Terry McGurrin ... Jonesy Garcia
Series Created by: Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillis
Directed by: Gary Hurst and Karen Lessman
Produced by: Jennifer Pertsch, Wendy Errington, Tom McGillis and Jaelyn Galbraith
Musical Score by: Don Breithaupt and Anthony Vanderburgh
Writing Credits: Hugh Duffy, Carolyn Hay, Jennifer Pertsch, Alice Prodanou, Terry McGurrin, Tom McGillis, Sean Carley, Sean Cullen and Dave Dias
profile by: athena