animated series 2DTV © ITV
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Tony Blair tries to run Britain while fending of his neighbour Gordon Brown: Chancellor of the Exchequer at No.11. Across the Atlantic in the White House U.S. President George W. Bush listens to his most trusted advisor, Professor Liebstorm (a sock puppet). Far away, in his cave hideout, Osama Bin Laden tries to plot against the western infidels amongst his incompetent lackeys. Oh and various C-list celebrities go about their lives in this weekly, satirical and topical animation series depicting/sending up the lives of British and American politicians as well as the "everyday life" of various international and local celebrities, and the Royal Family

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Generally 2DTV suffers from the same problem that all broadcast satire suffers from eventually; it dates quickly, and is so precise a lot of the time, to the point where...
Created by: ITV
Language: English
Country of Origin: UK
Directed by: Tim Searle
Produced by: Giles Pilbrow
Musical Score by: Peter Baikie
Writing Credits: Mark Burton, Jesse Armstrong, Sam Bain, Rob Colley, Dan Gaster, Neil Gibbons, Rob Gibbons, Georgia Pritchett, Tony Reeve, Pete Sinclair and Colin Swash

animated series 2DTV © ITVMany of the production crew and voice artists of this series also worked on the (in)famous puppet satire series Spitting Image, to which 2DTV could be called a spiritual successor to. 2DTV lasted for five seasons, becoming a half-hour show from the original eleven-minute length, but abruptly disappeared from UK television soon afterwards.

Two TV adverts promoting the series release on tape and DVD were banned from UK broadcasting, partly because they were deemed to be offensive towards President George Bush and football (soccer) player David Beckham and partly because of permission issues. UK advertising laws state that adverts must not be offensive towards and must also have the permission of the individuals shown to use their likenesses on screen.

The Bush advert has George Bush trying to play a VHS copy of the show by inserting it into a toaster, while the other has Beckham asking his wife Victoria (Posh of the Spice-Girls) “…how do you spell DVD?” The ban was later overturned by the television watchdog ITC (Independent Television Committee) on the basis that the adverts were intended as satire.

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