animated series .hack//SIGN © Bandai / Production I-G / Bee Train / Cyber Connect 2 / Project .hack / Yomiko Advertising
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Welcome to 'The World', an online roleplaying game where people log on to create their character, interact with other players, explore dungeons and fight monsters--or each other. For most the World is just a game, an entertaining way to escape the real world for a while, but for a mysterious, introverted boy named Tsukasa the World is now his reality. Tsukasa cannot log off from the game...

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King BrehonWing Eric Brian Brewster: I find that .Hack//Sign "The Legend Of...
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Normally I try to watch an anime series right through before writing a review, but after 5 episodes, I'm giving up on this one. Many of the ideas and images...
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This is quite a good series. It takes place in an online roleplaying game called 'The World.' (Zero out of five points for imaginative naming.) The moderators suspect someone's hacked...
Created by: Bandai, Production I-G, Bee Train, Cyber Connect 2, Project .hack, Yomiko Advertising
Language: English dub / Japanese
Country of Origin: Japan
[ Japanese ] Featuring the voices of:
Mitsuki Saiga ... Tsukasa
Megumi Toyoguchi ... Mimiru
Kazuhiro Nakata ... Bear
Akiko Hiramatsu ... BT
Kaori Nazuka ... Subaru
Isshin Chiba ... Silver Knight
Hiroshi Yanaka ... Sora
Shinichir˘ Miki ... Crim
[ English dub ] Featuring the voices of:
Brianne Siddall ... Tsukasa
Amanda Winn ... Mimiru
Paul Mercier ... Bear
Donna Rawlins ... BT
Kim Mai Guest ... Subaru
Douglas Rye ... Silver Knight
Dave Wittenberg ... Sora
Alexis Lang ... Crim
Directed by: K˘ichi Mashimo
Writing Credits: Kazunori It˘, Michiko Yokote and Akemi Omoda
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